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An Eco Friendly Treehouse Adventure in Southern Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Treehouse Rental

Near The Pacific Ocean on private rainforest and wildlife preserve. Lapa’s Nest Treehouse Rental. Treehouses in Costa Rica was recently featured in Tiny Homes, Bloomberg and on Survivor VIP. Our Eco Friendly Tree house Vacation rental is 3 or 4 Bedrooms and sleeps 6 to 8. Each bedroom is located on a different level(4th bedroom is optional so costs less if you don't need it). No matter what level you wake up on, you're surrounded by wildlife, monkeys, exotic birds and giant rainforest trees.

Hike in our wildlife nature reserve, 120+ acres of rainforest trails up the river and in our backyard which is Corcovado National Park, Osa Peninsula. Lapas Nest Treehouse Rental is Costa Rica's Adventure Destination for exploring the remote rainforest of Southern Costa Rica. Rental Tree house similar to treehouse hotels of the world, near beach. No other guests and complete privacy for you and your family.

Why share your vacation rental with others? Adventure Vacations in Costa Rica start with contacting Blondie and asking about Weekly tree house rentals as low as $1200, two full baths, full kitchen and our famous glass bottom shower. Eco Tours just down the hill and Treehouse Rental in Costa Rica near Corcovado National Park. We are just South of Dominical and Uvita in Southern Costa Rica near secluded and quiet beaches.

About the Treehouse

6 Level Tree house Rental only 5 minutes to beach,located deep in rainforest of The Osa Peninsula, in Southern Zone of Costa Rica. Our treehouse rental is only 2-3 hrs walk to Corcovado National Park. We are remote and private, just featured on Survivor VIP. Contestants won a night in the treehouse with film crew. Our treehouse is near Pacific Ocean Beach. Where the rain forest meets the sea. Beach only a few minutes away by car. Our Tree house in only 8* North of the equator in Central America and just 1 hr. North of Panama in Southern Costa Rica. Close to eco tours, beaches and fun. Only a 2 hour drive from Dominical and Uvita.

Contact us for rates. During some times of the year rates can be as low as $1495 for an entire week. We also offer short stay specials to fill gaps between weekly rentals so ask if you have less than a week (3 or 4 night minimum). We also offer last minute specials for those planning less than 45 days in advance and looking for a deal! Contact us for rates, specials and availability. Specials have limited availability and fill quickly once publicized.

Our 3 or 4 Bedroom Tree House rental Rainforest Luxury Tree House Rentals in Costa Rica. Green Eco Vacation Destinations in Costa Rica. Our Tree house Vacation rental is private and secluded. Great hiking on our private rainforest reserve and great swimming on the Agujas River below. Sleeps 6 to 8 (optional level for sleeping 8) comfortably in 3 queen beds and with optional level an additional king bed on 6 levels, 2 baths, with Full Kitchen, all the amenities, internet ( 80% of time ) & satellite TV.


Our Lapas Nest Osa Peninsula Tree House Rentals in Southern Costa Rica is the spot. Vacation House Rentals near Corcovado National Park, Your Lapa's Nest Tree House Vacation adventure begins here. 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths PLUS outdoor shower, luxury and authentic Swiss Family Robinson style living 50 up in the canopy, much more room to spread out on vacation vs. staying at Osa Peninsula eco resorts, tree house Hotels or ecolodges. Why share your vacation with strangers, we offer complete privacy on 120 acre rainforest reserve enclave. Costa Rica Wildlife Sanctuaries and Rainforest Preserves close by. Eco Treehouses near Beaches of Corcovado National Park, luxury treehouses in Costa Rica, Central America near beach. We are surrounded by wildlife, Monkeys, exotic birds and mammals all living in the rainforest adjacent to Lapa's Nest Eco Treehouses in Jungles of Costa Rica.

You will see monkeys, parrots, toucans and exotic birds from the living room and bedrooms from our treehouse. Keep your cameras close by. An Osa Peninsula bird watching and watchers delight. See Bairds Trogans, Falcons, Hawks, Cookoos, Manakins and hummingbirds. The Costa Rican Wildlife will keep you entertained from all 6 levels of our Lapa's Nest Treehouse. Nature explodes and unfolds around you.

You can stop looking for Osa Peninsula Rentals , once you watch our youtube treehouse videos, you'll be making a reservation. Fun, family adventure in your Osa Peninsula Treehouse Rental, sleeps 6-8.

Located 5 minutes away from The Pacific Ocean on the pristine Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica is our Lapa’s Nest Tree House Rental. An Eco Friendly Osa Peninsula rental in the rainforest near Corcovado National Park. Our Eco Tree house Vacation rental is 3 Bedroom and sleeps 8 with a shared living room. No matter what level you wake up on, you're surrounded by wildlife, monkeys, exotic birds and giant rainforest trees. Below, hike in our wildlife nature reserve. 120 acres of rainforest hiking and trails. Our Treehouse Rental is located just a few hours from Panama, Central America, in Costa Rica, and only a few kilometers from Pacific Ocean. Our luxury treehouse overlooks Volcano Baru and Mt. Chirripo in the distance. Truly an exception destination for eco tree house enthusiasts and eco travelers wanting to immerse themselves in the rainforest.

Wake up to Monkeys and Exotic Birds passing each day. Photograph 100's of parrots, birds and exotic tropical flowers. Many of our rental guests feel like they are living on Discovery Channel or sleeping inside a Costa Rica wildlife park or wildlife sanctuary. Enjoy Pacific Ocean views, monkeys, toucans, parrots and great sunsets over the Pacific Ocean in Southwest Costa Rica near secluded beaches. Costa Rica Adventure Vacation Treehouse rentals are similar to eco lodges, beach lodging and Osa Peninsula eco lodges. No other guests and complete privacy for you and your family. Why share your vacation with others.

Adventure Vacations in Costa Rica start with contacting Blondie and asking about Green Season weekly treehouse rentals as low as $1450 through November / sleeps 6-8. 2 bath, full kitchen and our famous glass bottom shower. Every treehouse adventurers favorite luxury. Eco Tours and Treehouse adventures near Corcovado National Park , just south of Dominical and Uvita in Southern Costa Rica near secluded beaches.

Osa Tours

On your next Costa Rica Adventure Vacation, consider staying with us on The Osa Peninsula at Lapa’s Nest Treehouse Rental , in remote Costa Rica. Once your reservation is confirmed with us, we’ll go to work and make sure you’ll have a Costa Rica Vacation of a lifetime. Remember the beach is only 10 minutes away, don’t forget your sunscreen. You’ll find zip line canopy tours, chocolate farms, fabulous beaches, kayaking, rivers, waterfall rappelling, boat tours. Take a early morning boat trip across the gulf, see dolphins, turtles and if you’re lucky a humpback whales or even a Whaleshark. The Golfo Dulce is spectacular and calm enough to water ski on. On the other side of the gulf, meet Poppy the Spider Monkey, see Tayras, falcons, Paccaries, monkeys and birds up close and personal.Visit wildlife preserves and wildlife sanctuaries Make it a day on the water, pack your cooler with snacks, beers, and fresh fruit drinks and come have fun with us this spring or summer.

This is “Our” Osa Peninsula - Adventure travel in Southern Costa Rica and as good as it gets.

Check out all the great monkey photos on Facebook Costa Rica. Close to all Tours, restaurants and make reservations at the Corcovado National Park Office if you have time to hike into Corcovado National Park. Vacation Villa Rentals near Corcovado National Park, just 10 minutes North of Puerto Jimenez.

Once you rent with us, we’ll help plan your perfect Costa Rica family vacation. See what our TripAdvisor vacation rentals guests are saying. Our Osa Peninsula Rates are perfect for families traveling together. is an exceptional choice if you are planning a summer vacation with your family. Enjoy privacy and seclusion in the rainforest and rivers below and just a few minutes to the beach.

Vist us on Facebook, google- Osa Peninsula Travel, or youtube OSAGREENtv, wellfleetblondie, as well, updates about Costa Rica weather, maps, climate and overall ecotourism fun on the beach.

Osa Peninsula HouseRentals offer more options for fun tours in Southern Costa Rica. There are unlimited touring options, we are located in the middle of the rainforest and close to private beaches near Puerto Jimenez. Osa Peninsula Wildlife Refuges, Adventure out and explore fun eco tours;

• Osa Wildlife Sanctuary
• Dolphin Boat and Snorkel Tour
• Kayaking in Mangroves
• Zip Line Canopy Tour in La Palma with a great bar & restaurant ( Pizza, Comida Tipica )
• BBQ and Seafood near our rentals.
• Finca Kobo - Chocolate Tour – The girls will luv ya!
• Guided hikes near Corcovado National Park
• Waterfall Rappelling and Exploring
• Horseback Riding
• Beachcombing
• Surfing and wake boarding
• Inshore and off shore fishing
• Birdwatching and Butterfly farm – See 100’s Blue Morphos
• Caiman lagoon in Puerto Jimenez
• Massage

Or just sit by our villa pool in one of our hammocks , We generally recommend more of a cultural emersion experience and try to support only Costa Rican operated eco tours. Your travel dollars support and promote sustainable and viable eco tourism on The Osa Peninsula. Our caretakers Wilber, Ollie and their family help you with all your travel questions once you arrive. Wilber can also take you into the rainforest and show some great hidden trails, waterfalls and indigenous areas. Our internet works most of the time in the event you need to stay a bit connected while on vacation. Ollie can even babysit if you like. There’s no reason to share your Costa Rica vacation with any other travelers. Experience OSA the natural way, up close and personal. For Osa Peninsula Vacation Home Rentals Reviews , Weekly Rates and Reservations Contact us soon, and reserve your Costa Rica Family Summer Vacations of lifetime.Vacation Properties and Rentals by Owner in Southern Zone of Costa Rica on Pacific Ocean. Facebook Costa Rica - Bookmark Travel Page



Treehouse Adventures in Costa Rica, Central America, sustainably built from teac, bamboo and eco friendly in every way. Green accommodations in Central America near surfing, beaches just 10 minutes. Google - Google Earth - Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica...thats what we did. Get ready for an eco friendly adventure vacation of a lifetime in Southern Costa Rica. A WILD TREEHOUSE adventure for sure ! Dorothy Watkins and friends.

Osa Peninsula Rentals TripAdvisor Reviews , photo albums from our guests, videos, images and on line rentals at discounted prices from Sept 1 - Nov. 15th.

Green Eco Vacation Destinations in Southern Costa Rica.Vacation Treehouse Rentals near Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica.

The Osa is one of the most pristine, beautiful places I have ever visited - in fact, the only vacation I have ever taken that topped this amazing adventure was a three-week safari in Botswana, which is a tough trip to match. On top of the amazing natural beauty and adventure in the Osa, the treehouse of Mike and Blondie is an unrivaled experience. It is not like a mundane treehouse "hotel" that is part of a resort; this is the real deal! It is a custom made tree-house that truly blends with the environment. Imagine troops of monkeys coming within feet of your sitting area with nothing between you and exotic birds perching and flying by at all times of the day. The treehouse is beautifully furnished with an amazing kitchen and comfy rooms. As if it couldn't get any better, the owners are a dream and very helpful and the caretaker of the property is one of the most genuine and caring people I have ever met. I will certainly return to this amazing oasis and encourage anyone who has the opportunity to visit to take it as soon as possible. It is a life-changing experience that will heal the soul and renew the life of anyone who visits. The Treehouse is a major feat of engineering and architecture. On the edge of a rainforest on the Osa Peninsula it is miles from life as we, a family from Seattle, know it! Loved falling asleep and waking to the sounds of the rainforest; crickets, rain, buzzing hummingbirds, the rustle of the leaves warning us that a band of monkeys is about to pass by, even the screeching macaws!! an experience of a life time, The treehouse is more private than Costa Rica ecolodges, a place to slow down, relax and rejuvinate. It is a wondeful base for exploring the beauty of Costa Rica but be warned it is a long and tough drive from San Jose. - Morgan Family

Costa Rica Lapas Nest Treehouse Reviews - Our Costa Rica Treehouse Adventure is more private than staying at eco lodges and Costa Rica eco resorts. Our Lapas Nest Tree House is considered one of The Most Amazing Tree house adventures and home rentals in Central America. Once you're family watches our Lapas Nest Treehouse Youtube Video, DVD, you’ll most likely be staying with us, so get ready for a Costa Rica Rainforest Adventure, a family adventure vacation in Southern Costa Rica with exotic tree houses in Costa Rican jungle. See what the monkeys are saying -

Best Treehouse on Planet Earth ! We stayed in the treehouse for three nights, and I cannot say enough good things about the place. My father writes books on homebuilt houses so I have seen thousands upon thousands of owner homebuilt homes. But I have never seen something as amazing as this place! the pictures don't do as much justice as going there and seeing it for yourself. In the morning when we were there a group of monkeys would cruise through the trees and check us out! It was absolutely amazing. There are trails that take you around the grounds and even a pool fed by a stream to cool off in during the day. My wife and I went to the tree house for 3 of our 10 day honeymoon trip to Costa Rica and we wish we would have stayed for more. It is a really unique way to experience Costa Rica and I have to say this place is a must! The grounds are extremely beautiful and I could spend all day discovering. The instant we put our bags down we felt at home. We spent almost all of our time in the kitchen level just hanging out and on the lookout for monkeys. The shower has a plexiglass floor and you look down about 40ft to the ground while showering. It is pretty hard to beat watching the sunset over the forest while sitting 50 feet up in a treehouse and drinking Pina Colada made from freshly harvested pineapples. I highly suggest checking out the Osa Wildlife Preserve when you are there, it requires taking a 20-30 minute boat ride across the gulf towards Panama, but it is definitely worth the trip. You will not be let down if you go there. It was a truly life changing experience and we are already talking about returning asap. If I built this place I would have a hard time letting people stay there because I would want to stay there all the time. This place is truly magical rainforest treehouse adventure and you will get an experience you will not find anywhere else in C.R. This place really made our trip over the top amazing and full of great experiences. I suggest renting a car when arriving there so you can check out the Osa. Evan Kahn / Oregon

For More Costa Rica Treehouse Vacation House Rentals and Reviews, visit TripAdvisor. or contact us personally. Don't forget to watch our crazy treehouse videos.

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